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1/ What first got you into SF?
My Mum firmly believes my love for sci-fi started in the womb after an ill-fated cinema trip to see Saturday Night Fever during her pregnancy. My Dad didn't pre-book, it was sold out, and the only other thing on was Star Wars. I remain ever thankful for the paternal disorganisation that ensured I didn't end up with an enduring love of the Bee Gees instead.

2/ Who was your first geek crush?
Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher. The older fans may have wanted Wesley to die-die-die but I was 12 and he was aimed squarely at my demographic. I thought he was ace.

3/ If you were a spaceship from a TV show or movie, which would you be (and why)?
Serenity. Not flashy and maybe a bit of a bodge job that's not going to be getting through the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs or anything like that any time soon, but gets to where she needs to go in the end, in large part thanks to the support and affection of her crew.

4/ If SFX were to run a convention, which guest would you most like to meet there?
After his scene-stealing turn in the new Trek, my first thought - for entirely fickle reasons - is Karl Urban. For more cerebral reasons I'd be happy enough with Joss Whedon or Ron Moore.

5/ What's the most exciting thing to happen to you (SF wise) in 2009 so far?
Being Human, for my money the best new British genre show of the last decade. And I got to be an extra in it so I feel even greater giddy geek pride at being associated, even in a tiny way, with something so brilliant.

6/ What feature would you most like us to add to this website?
Tagging so stories, blogs etc can be better searched and collated. I know it's not sexy, but I'm a journalist/web geek person by trade and this kind of indexing and aggregation of content matters to me tragically enough.

7/ What SF character has most inspired you in your life?
I'm not really inspired by anyone in that way. Although Lynda Day from Press Gang is a great part of why I wanted to become a journalist. What? It's almost genre. Okay, well, it was written by Steven Moffat at least.

8/ What's always your number one book or DVD recommendation to a friend?
Kelley Armstrong on the book front and Being Human on the DVD one.

9/ If you were the boss of SFX magazine for a day, what would be your first command?
Bring me coffee. Please. Then, arrange for me to interview Joss Whedon. Or Karl Urban.

10/ Who'd win in a fight, a caveman or an astronaut?
Astronauts obviously. Although as someone who understand the compulsion to just hit things with a big stick when in a grump I appreciate where the cavemen are coming from.

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