BLOG The Rise, Rise And End (?) Of The Geek Syndicate

A special podcast produced by SFX Blogger Stacey Whittle to celebrate five years of Geek Syndicate

In this special audio interview to both commemorate their five year anniversary and the guys’ decision to end their popular long-running podcast, blogger Stacey Whittle talks to Barry Nugent of the Geek Syndicate . They look back to the beginning of the Geek Syndicate – when the word “podcast” had to come with an explanation – and move right forward to GS now and their ever growing website and the Geek Syndicate Network of podcasts. They also talk about Barry’s exciting solo projects and what’s next for geekdom’s most Dynamic Duo.

[VAMS id="xb8p5I84xWg2O"]

And here’s a download link for you as well.