Block Lesnar vs The Block: WWE 2K19 goes Minecraft mad

Upon their announcement in August, block-headed characters in WWE 2K19 appeared to be one of the most dismal, unoriginal ideas the series has ever seen. Then the game emerged last week, fans started getting creative – and the end result is… Block Lesnar vs The Block.

Criticisms taken back. Turns out the cube-shaped inclusion was a masterstroke. 

Yes, Minecraft's takeover of the universe has finally made it to wrestling, with genuinely hilarious results. Both Lesnar and 'Blocky' come to the ring doing their real mannerisms, use all their real moves, and perform their standard victory poses. They're just a bit boxier than you're used to. Just look at that People's Eyebrow on The Block, and Lesnar's sword tattoo. Perfect.

Lesnar was the work of CAW-maker Yamil_Taquito, while Schwans 420 made The Block, and he hasn't stopped there. Also available for immediate download from the excellent Community Creation servers on PS4 are Block Cena, CM Block, and Roman Block. Those names could do with a bit of work – I'd have gone with CM Chunk – but they're glorious beginnings of a cubic federation, should you wish to form one.

You're not limited to wrestlers, either. Go to Community Creations on PS4, hit square to select the 'Block Body' option, and you'll also be presented with block-headed versions of Deadpool, Spider-Man and the Power Rangers to lead into battle. 

No Alicia Box, Kurt Rectangle or Brick Square just yet, but you'd have to imagine they're coming soon. Memo to dedicated creators: you can have those names on me.

WWE 2K19 is out now, and you can read profiles of all its real wrestlers in our guide to the WWE 2K19 roster.

Ben Wilson

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