BlizzCon 2023 predictions: What to expect from Diablo, Overwatch, and Warcraft

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With BlizzCon 2023 almost here, it's time to begin speculating about the surprises Blizzard Entertainment might have in store for this year's celebration. After a four-year break, the event is returning to an in-person format, so expectations are running high for big announcements across the portfolio. When considering my BlizzCon 2023 predictions, I think it's more likely that there will be a particular focus on the future of World of Warcraft and Overwatch 2. Listen, I'll certainly be overjoyed if BlizzCon signals the return of StarCraft but I'm not getting my hopes up. 

My biggest hope is that we get an initial reveal of Blizzard's secret survival game, and some sort of blowout celebration in view of an impending anniversary for one of the best MMOs of all-time. You'll find thoughts on all that and more below in our BlizzCon 2023 preview. The show is set to begin on November 3, and you will want to check the full BlizzCon 2023 schedule for details on all of the panels and talks. I'll be on the ground in Anaheim, California so be sure to keep an eye on GamesRadar+ for the latest surrounding the future of Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, World of Warcraft, and plenty more.

A new World of Warcraft expansion will be unveiled

World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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There are two near universal truths when it comes to World of Warcraft: expansions release every two years, and they are typically revealed at BlizzCon. Dragonflight took flight in November 2022, which means it is exceptionally likely that BlizzCon 2023 will be heavily geared towards new continents, races, and content streams. World of Warcraft is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary next year (alongside the 30th anniversary of the wider franchise) so expect there to be some nostalgic undertones to the presentation too – especially now that series co-creator Chris Metzen has emerged from retirement to take on an executive creative director role overseeing the Warcraft universe. 

There will be a new Overwatch 2 hero

Overwatch 2 blizzcon 2023

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It's been little over 12 months since the launch of Overwatch 2 and Blizzard Entertainment is still battling to regain some composure. The free-to-play shooter hasn't quite found its footing and the publisher will be looking towards BlizzCon 2023 to reset the agenda. You should expect the introduction of a new Overwatch 2 hero to be unveiled at the Opening Ceremony, with further details on Season Eight and changes to competitive play to follow on November 4. I'd also expect to see some wide revisions to the foundational design teased, particularly as many of the largest alterations between Overwatch and its sequel continue to be divisive for the wider community.  

We'll get an update on the Blizzard survival game

Blizzard survival game odyssey key art

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Back in the beginning of 2022, Blizzard revealed that it's working on a brand new IP. A survival game set in an open world fantasy universe, with concept art detailing a more natural and colorful world than those we've seen out of Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft. There's been little information since, with only little hints derived from job listings. While a 2024 launch seems ambitious for this new AAA survival game for PC and console, Blizzard has been known to get ideas out in front of the public early. Looking at the BlizzCon 2023 schedule, there are no panels for Codename: Odyssey in place, but that doesn't mean that a teaser trailer is out of the question for the opening ceremony. 

Diablo 4 Season 3 will be teased

Diablo 4 season 2 combat

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The seasonal model hasn't proven to be as universally popular as the base Diablo 4 campaign, but I wouldn't expect Blizzard to return to the core storyline just yet. As desperate as I am to pick up Neyrelle's trail, it feels a little early for Blizzard to announce a full Diablo 4 expansion. Instead, I expect the creative team to dive into some of the lessons it has learned through the first few weeks of Season of Blood, and detail the ongoing attempts to increase loot generation without disrupting wider game balance. With Season Three expected to launch in January 2024, we might get a tease, although I expect the D4 sessions to be light on announcements. 

World of Warcraft: Classic will be a wildcard

World of Warcraft Classic Fall of the Lich King

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World of Warcraft: Classic is at a fascinating crossroads. When the title launched in 2019, it recreated the original game experience and gradually expanded to include two of the best WoW expansions. For a great many players, this is the best possible version of World of Warcraft preserved in amber. So, where does Blizzard take Classic now? Technically, Cataclysm should be up next, but that's the expansion that began to fracture the playerbase back in 2010, so its inclusion feels somewhat perilous. There's an outside shot that Blizzard decides to do something wild with Classic, all-new content that's built in the spirit of Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. WoW: Classic is one to watch at BlizzCon 2023. 

There won't be any Xbox announcements

Xbox Gamescom 2023 logo featuring a stylized city skyline in green

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With Blizzard now officially part of the Xbox Game Studios portfolio there's some anticipation around what could be said at BlizzCon 2023. Top of the wishlist is surely World of Warcraft for Xbox Series X, or the release of legacy Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft titles into Game Pass for Xbox and PC. Xbox executives have already gone on record to say that there won't be significant Activision Blizzard entrants into the subscription service until next year, and I'd imagine that it's far too early for any major initiatives to be announced surrounding the key titles. It's more likely that Xbox head Phil Spencer will appear on stage to talk up his love of Blizzard Entertainment, all while concealing a Blackthorne shirt beneath his blazer to drive a little internet speculation. 

GamesRadar+ will be on the ground in Anaheim, California to cover BlizzCon 2023 live. For all of the latest news, as well exclusive reports and interviews, be sure to keep an eye on our BlizzCon 2023 coverage starting November 3, 2023. 

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