Blizzard to Diablo 4 early access players: The Ashava mount trophy was exclusive to the beta, stop sending in bug reports

Diablo 4 Ashava
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Amid bug reports, Blizzard is reminding Diablo 4 players that it's too late to earn the Ashava mount trophy, which was exclusive to the May beta.

In a forum post (via Wowhead), Diablo 4 community lead Adam Fletcher responded to "a few reports" from players saying they're missing an Ashava mount trophy despite having beaten the boss required to earn it. Apparently, some of those reports are coming from players who beat the boss during early access and not during the May server slam, which would mean they missed their chance.

Fletcher also reminded players that having beaten Ashava during any other beta besides the late-May server slam doesn't grant you the trophy, and it also doesn't count if you beat the boss before you hit level 20. "This was a trophy exclusive to Level 20 kills of Ashava during the May Server Slam," he said.

Still, some players say they did everything they were supposed to to receive the reward and still didn't. "I defeated ashava in the server slam at level 20, did not receive trophy," reads one post on the Blizzard forums. "I was even grouped with someone when I defeated ashava who received the trophy."

In a direct reply to Fletcher's post, one user echoes that they beat Ashava during the server slam at level 20 and still didn't get the trophy, speculating that "the issue is with teleporting to the city before the boss spawn."

While reports of missing Ashava trophies may or may not be due to a bug, Blizzard has been sending out patches at a fairly steady clip since Diablo 4 launched into early access last week. One hotfix in particular makes dungeons a lot less harrowing for some players and nerfs several classes, while the bigger Diablo 4 patch 1.0.2 is doing some seriously heavy lifting.

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