BLASTERMIND Forgotten Heroes - now with answers

There’s a slight twist with the weekly quiz this week. It might be more fun to get the questions wrong…

Yes, whereas we’re always warning people off posting answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page, this week use it to your heart’s content to suggest what you think the superheroes may be called – funny, bizarre or downright weird. Please keep attempts at genuine answers in this thread on the SFX forum. Be warned: they’re very particular about their whited out text over there, but follow that rule, and they’re a friendly bunch.

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Matter Eater Lad

Your suggestions included: The Brim Nibbler, I’ll Eat My Own Hat Man, Hat Muncher, Titfer, The Human Dustbin, Hat Eat Jakes (think about it…)

The Phantom Eagle

Your suggestions included: Thrush, Yes This Is My Natural Hair Man, Birdcape, Camp Eagle, Pony Boy, The Eagle Has Dandied, The Pelvic Thrust


Your suggestions included: Alcan The Shiny, Glitterbot, Vibro-Man, Yeswe Can, Windows Vista, Cheap Toy Man

Your suggestions included: Mulberry Whine, Puce, Purple Girl, Purpla, Voliet Carson AKA Ribena

Bouncing Boy

Your suggestions included: Russell Grant, Inflation Device Man, Blobbo, The Bounce, The Roundian, Rick Waller, Inflataball

Fighting Yank

Your suggestions included: The Great Pan-American Highway-Man (out for revenge against The Brim Nibbler), Camp Man, Mr Charity Shop, Sgt USA, The American Zoro, R Jim Ladd, The Last Costume In The Shop Man

Gentleman Ghost

Your suggestions included: Old Hat, Darcy Man, The Invisible Ponce, The Invisible Toff, The Amazing Suit, Adam Adamaint (not a typo, think about it)

The Dazzler

Your suggestions included: Tada, The Cleavage Girl, The Startler, Cleabagia, Sally Larkin, Bling Girl, The Grabbist


Your suggestions included: The Purple Ribbon, Jump-Scare, Ribbono, Crap Mumrah, Tape Worm, The Purple Bandage

Tomorrow Man

Your suggestions included: Tony The Truss, Bald Eagle, Head Trauma, The Happy Giggle, Mr Small Gun, T-Boy


Your suggestions included: Geddoudathaway – The Man With No Brakes, Skippy, The Blind Stallion, Jazz Hands, The Harlem Sprinter

Color Kid

Your suggestions included: The Gay Gardener, Green Fingers, Fruity McFruit, Big Fruit, Miracle Grow, The Rainbow Gardener, Mr Fruity, Feng Shui

Green Lama

Your suggestions included: The Green Slanket, Capertastic, Fabulous Man, Emerald Hoodie, Reverend Green, The Green Wimp

3D Man

Your suggestions included: The Anaglyph Nightmare, Bipolar, Jolly Rancher, Traffic Light, Never Be Seen (AKA Red & Green), Colour Blind Man, Mr B&Q

Ferro Lad

Your suggestions included: I-Ron, The Crap Wrestler, Daytime Ninja, Irn Bib, The Human Periodic Table, Iron Filing

Strong Guy

Your suggestions included: Captain Steroid Abuse, Klunklick - Seatbelt Advocate, Smee, MOOGY, The Lump, All Shoulders No Trousers, Mr Twisty Head

Arm Fall-Off Boy

Your suggestions included: Plorp – The Detachable Man, H-Armless, The Genetic Atrocity, Action Figure, The Lepper, Velcro Man, The Amazing Arm-Removing Penis Head


Your suggestions included: Pierce – The Clumsy Javelin, Rawr, The Incredible Ewww, KerPlunk, Ouch, Bramble, The Pin Cushion

The Red Bee

Your suggestions included: Styleblind The Fashion Disaster, Ladyboy, Pleasure Stripes, Kandy Legs, The Colour Co-ordinator, The Long John

Texas Twister

Your suggestions included: The Terrible Tache, Captain Porn Star, Midnight Cowboy, Two-Timer, The Village Person

Black Lightning

Your suggestions included: Sparky The Polyester Boy, Electric Boogaloo, Fingershock, Electric Emo, Milk Boy, Short Circuit, The Dramatic Pose


Your suggestions included: The Purple Helmet, Pew Pew Man, Captain Generic, The Ribena Commando, The Purple Chafe Preventer, The Purple Turtle


Your suggestions included: Alvin Stardust, Scaredy Kat, Bling Boy, Collar Head, Sub-Arms, Rotor Bracelet, The Diver


Your suggestions included: The Toenail Terror, Nail File, Edwina Scissortoes, Scratching Post, Claw-dia,

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