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Blacklight trailer arrives with cheesy voiceover

Alright, so the trailer below might have a B-movie voiceover but the idea behind Blacklight: Tangodown, is solid enough - a first-person shooter with production values of a big budget game, offered as a downloadable package at a lower price point. (See Battlefield 1943 for an example of this done well.)

Our only complaint so far? It looks so damn generic. Even the logo looks to have been influenced by a similarly inclined futuristic shooter.

Above: We spot a similarity, even if we have adjusted the angle

The game has been created using the Unreal Engine 3, an attribute that seems to offer developers a pre-ordained guarantee of quality, but the trailer backs it up - a solid looking shooter unfortunately setin another fairly dingy, grey near-future environment.

We've got someone playing this tomorrow, so look out for a more definitive opinion on how the thing feels to play later in the week.

April 19, 2010