Black Ops PS3 patch gives players 'Xbox Live' warning

An update to the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops was supposed to provide some relief to players who have experienced glitches, cheating, and other headaches. But the update appears to have created another problem. A more lol-worthy problem.

On the official Call of Duty forums, users wasted no time in finding a little flaw in this latest PS3 patch: in the game's multiplayer "Search and Destroy" mode, there is now a notification that reads "No Xbox LIVE party chat."

"Seems like they ported the patch from 360 how can u forget something like this?" mused one forum poster. There is a lot of snickering over what was clearly an oversight on the game's technical team, but no one appears to be experiencing any grave complications as a result of the gaff.

To many, though, it just underlines the feeling that Activision and Treyarch are treating PS3 users like second-class citizens, as the game has plagued with problems on the system. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 version seems to work mostly as it should.

There hasn't been an official response to the forum posters' find yet, but we can only imagine that people on the Call of Duty team are feeling more scrambled than the eggs in a Denny's kitchen.


Jan 26, 2011

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