Black Myth Wukong shows off a load of boss fights with serious Sekiro vibes

Black Myth: Wukong
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A new trailer for Black Myth: Wukong debuted at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 today, and it put a big focus on some seriously impressive boss fights.

Black Myth: Wukong has already put its Soulslike influences on its sleeve, and this trailer's focus on highly active combat against super-mobile foes certainly has some major Sekiro vibes. Which, hey, I'm not complaining.

Black Myth: Wukong - Official Trailer | gamescom 2023 - YouTube Black Myth: Wukong - Official Trailer | gamescom 2023 - YouTube
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Store pages for Black Myth: Wukong went live earlier this week, setting the stage for the game's launch next year. Based on Journey to the West and the larger world of Chinese mythology, the game puts you in control of the monkey-like Destined One to take on the game's numerous enemies with not just weapons, but a wide array of spells and other abilities, too. It's not all combat, either - the game promises a wide array of characters to meet and stories to uncover, too.

There are plenty of games out there taking direct inspiration from the Soulslike lineage, but few of them have looked as impressive as Black Myth: Wukong. Built in Unreal Engine 5, it's an absolute visual stunner - and it's not just pure technical wizardry, as there's some seriously impressive visual design on display here, too.

Black Myth: Wukong is currently set for launch in summer 2024, though there's no specific release date just yet. Given the sheer volume of excellent titles already released in 2023, you'll at least have plenty to keep you occupied until this game's launch comes around.

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