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Black Friday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: what to expect

PS5 SSD installation
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Black Friday PS5 SSD and external hard drive deals are going to be some of the most anticipated offerings of the whole sales period this year.

Fast becoming vital accessories and additions to a PS5 setup, the fact remains that the very best PS5 SSDs are still, often, some of the most expensive, so any means through which to get them cheaper is ideal. And this is where the Black Friday PS5 SSD and external hard drive deals come in - there might not be a better time to prepare to acquire one such drive. Be it an internal PS5 SSD or one of the best PS5 external hard drives, prepare for your options to multiple.


Gigabyte Aorus 7000s | 1TB | with Heatsink | $199.99 at Amazon
Representing some serious before-Black Friday value, and coming with its own heatsink, the Aorus 7000s for this price is a great PS5 deal. With PS5 SSDs likely be in seriously high demand this year, bagging one early to ensure you have yours done is a very valid approach, and getting money off in the process is just a win-win.

And with SSDs fast becoming the go-to for any console storage, the offers and deals are going to extend to the best PS4 external hard drive contenders and the best PS4 SSD units going, too.

However, it's not just PS5 owners that can take advantage of Black Friday PS5 SSD (internal or external) offers. The internal sticks are also top contenders for being the best SSD for gaming, and the external models are genuinely some of the best external hard drives you can get too. (Though, of course, you won't be able to use them simultaneously with a PC and PS5 in either form, sadly.)

This will be uncharted waters as we've not truly seen specific Black Friday PS5 SSD deals before - and certainly not to their fullest extent. It was only recently, of course, that Sony released the firmware update that opened up the PS5's M.2 drive, allowing everyone to make use of the storage bay. 

While some PS5 SSD models have only come out after last year's sales event, we do know how a handful of models' prices fared in previous sales, and there will be a whole host of new and older models which will still perform highly on offer this year. Many of the biggest offers will also cross over with this year's wider Black Friday SSD deals.

If you're interested in waiting until the time is right to spend your cash, then Black Friday PS5 SSD deals will be worth waiting for and saving up for. We've got some thoughts on what to expect, and some price predictions given previous years' happenings to prepare you for the deals-ageddon that's coming. However, you'll find plenty more predictions in our full guide to Black Friday PS5 deals.

Where will the best Black Friday PS5 SSD deals be?

While we will be keeping abreast of all the top Black Friday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals on this very page, it will, predictably, be some of the big players in retail that will serve up the best deals. These are the stores that we scour to find the very best offers, so it's worth starting your search here. 

often has big discounts on the latest models
Best Buy:
regularly price matches with extra free gifts included
best for older and renewed models
often price matches with plenty of stock

the retail behemoth should definitely be your first stop for SSDs
Very: an underrated hardware retailer but often has stock
often offers same-day delivery and decent deals
reliable for having stock, good prices, and swift delivery
the PC parts specialist has plenty of options
always well stocked and constantly running deals

When will Black Friday PS5 SSD deals start?

With Black Friday 'proper' happening on November 26 this year, it's likely that the deepest price cuts will happen on that day and that weekend, However, we've all seen this movie before: every year retailers go earlier and earlier (or, at least, it feels like that) so we can definitely expect some excellent Black Friday PS5 SSD deals appearing from late October.

But, while it might be tempting to go with an early deal to secure your purchase (which is a legit approach) it's always a bit more likely that the ones on the weekend itself will be better. Something to bear in mind...

Should I wait for the Black Friday PS5 SSD deals?

While the usual answer to this question is 'yes', particularly now we're in mid-to-late October, the PS5 SSD deal realm is where we have a slightly different approach. And this is because of the demand and supply problems we've seen over the past few months. It might just be that getting a PS5 SSD this year is a sort of deal in and of itself, with many folks just looking to get a good price and get the job done.

So, while we still think we'll see some really excellent deals and low prices, because of that caveat, our answer is more nuanced: wait if you can hold out and don't mind gambling, but go early if you do indeed find a top model at a good price.

Black Friday PS5 SSD deals: what to expect

Seagate FireCuda 530

(Image credit: Seagate)

Given the enormous, gigantic spread of the SSD market and the sheer number of products that span it, we feel comfortable saying that there definitely will be something for everyone in this year's Black Friday PS5 SSD deals. However, the popular models are popular for a reason, and the latest kids on the block will be highly sought after too. As a result, there will be a handful of top models, both internal and externals, to look out for in particular.

The internal PS5 SSD market is likely to be extremely active this year after the PS5's SSD bay got unlocked by Sony. Newer internal drives such as the WD SN850, Seagate's FireCuda 530, and Gigabyte's AORUS 7000s are good candidates for first, big price cuts. Given there are variants of these drives that come with their own heatsinks, too, these SSDs are likely to be very popular with any deep and meaningful cuts. For example, the SN850 1TB with heatsink has only seen a $30 or so price drop over the course of its entire life span at Amazon, and the FireCuda 530 has only seen a tiny $15-20 fluctuation in its short time on the shelves - expect these to see some downward action.

The Samsung 980 PRO 1TB is a great bet for a lowest ever price in this year's Black Friday PS5 SSD deals - across all of its capacities. It's been on the scene for a bit longer and has already seen its 'normal' price settle at a lower limit. Its current lowest price is $179.99, a decent drop from the $230 starting point but given its age on the market, we wouldn't be surprised to see this hit the $150 mark this year. (You will need your own heatsink with this model though - remember that.)

Whatever internal model you have your eyes on, remember it will still have to meet Sony's criteria and recommended specs. Here they are again for convenience:

  • PCIe Gen4 interface
  • 250GB - 4TB capacity
  • 5,500MB/s read speed or faster
  • 22mm width (do not go for 25mm units)
  • Heatsink required (built-in or DIY)

WD Black P10

(Image credit: WD)

When it comes to the external models, the perenially popular Samsung T5 is worth keeping an eye on. While it, too, has been out for a while and its regular price point is decent, it always receives price cuts every Black Friday. The WD P10 SSD (1TB) is also one we'd keep a close eye on. Its lowest ever price has only been to the $179.99 mark - a price it's currently near ($199.99) - we think this would be a great candidate to smash its lowest ever price, or at least match it.

And remember, there'll be great discounts off loads of PS5 external HDDs too: from long-time favourites like WD's My Passport to Seagate's licensed hard drive companions for PS4 and Xbox One, and from value busting drives like Toshiba's Canvio Advance range to premium, large-scale expansions like Seagate's desktop big boys.

Today's best deals

But - and we know the feeling - if you need to plug the gap now and get some extra storage into your setup, then check out the latest prices on your internal options below. These will automatically update with the latest prices so you know exactly where you'll stand.

If, perhaps, you'd rather wait for the internal SSD prices to come crashing down (hopefully) during the sales, but do want an external PS5 SSD or hard drive to offer some instant storage then below are some of the best and lowest prices on a bunch.

Complete your preparation for the sales on all things PS5 this year with info on the Black Friday PS5 TV deals, and for those across the console aisle, check out our Black Friday Xbox Series X deals page.

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