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BioShock Plasmid Guide

BioShock's combat is possibly the most unique of any shooter you'll ever play, and what sets it apart are the plasmids - surreal and twisted takes on the usual magic spells. By injecting genetic substances directly into your bloodstream, you gain the power to blast electricity and fling fire out of your arm. You gain the ability to freeze enemies, to turn them against each other and to sic a Big Daddy on them like an overgrown bulldog. Heck, you can even move stuff with your mind. And that's just half of the plasmids available to you.

This diversity means that every battle can and will play out differently. In order to survive in the ravaged world of Rapture, you need to understand all of your plasmid intimately. You must know when to use each one, when not to and how to combine their powers for even greater damage.

In other words, you need our strategy guide, so on the following pages you'll find expert tips on using them to your unstoppable advantage. Start your genetic evolution... today!

Table of Contents: