Biomutant patch notes confirm more high-rarity loot and a highly requested scrap button

(Image credit: Experiment 101)

The latest Biomutant patch notes delivered a new batch of balancing and quality of life updates requested by the community, along with the usual laundry list of bug fixes.

One of the shortest entries in the patch notes is also one of the most important: Biomutant's level cap has been increased from 50 to 100. Players were asking for more ways to progress their character, and yeah, doubling the level cap ought to do it.

You'll also be able to equip your customized critter with an improved variety of loot. Update 1.5 has not only reduced the number of duplicate items you receive, but also added higher-rarity versions of existing items. "This means that an item found with a certain rarity can also be found later with a higher rarity and substantially improved stats," developer Experiment 101 explains. The nitty-gritty portion of the Biomutant patch notes clarifies that higher-grade relics and legendary weapons, specifically, will start dropping at level 50.

Loot is a driving factor for Biomutant, both in terms of the gear you pick up and what you can craft, but it can also become a headache when your inventory gets full. To that end, this update added a scrap button to the loot screen, making it easier to clear out unwanted items without juggling multiple menus. 

Biomutant patch 1.5 is now live on PC and PS4, and it'll hit Xbox One "in the course of next week." PC-specific changes include new vertical and horizontal field of view options (FOV will default to horizontal, but both axes can now be adjusted manually). Meanwhile, PS4 users got a fix for a pesky menu bug that could cause the enter and back buttons to trade places. You can read the full patch notes for update 1.5 on publisher THQ Nordic's website.

Update 1.5 looks like a healthy batch of changes, and it's arrived just two weeks after update 1.4, which added ways to adjust motion blur, dialogue length, and the divisive narrator. Last month, Experiment 101 said it would release changes "based on community feedback," and it's stuck to that plan so far. 

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