Biomutant patch brings extreme difficulty, motion blur slider, and better loot

(Image credit: Experiment 101)

Biomutant patch 1.4 arrived this week sporting several highly-requested changes, including a motion blur slider, shorter dialogue, and loot fixes, to say nothing of a zillion squashed bugs.

"In order to improve the pacing of the early parts of the game, we’ve edited dialogues to be shorter," developer Experiment 101 explained. "We’ve also added more enemies and loot to these areas to better represent the experience later in the game."

Biomutant doesn't have traditional dialogue since its fuzzy characters all speak in Animal Crossing-esque gibberish, leaving the narrator to translate and relay what's being said. With patch 1.4, the narrator will now start translating after a "reduced amount of gibberish," speeding up the flow of conversations. Multiple snippets of tutorial dialogue have also been shortened or entirely removed to speed up the game's intro, and if you want, you can now disable the narrator's voice or the animal gibberish. 

On top of adding more loot and enemies to the early stages, patch 1.4 also changed the way that loot drops. Common items will no longer drop from high-level crates, and items will now drop closer to your level. You can still receive higher-level items that you'll have to grind a bit to unlock, but in general, items will have "level requirements closer to the player's actual level."

Experiment 101 has stuck to its plan to patch the game "based on community feedback"; we also highlighted loot and dialogue annoyances in our Biomutant review, so these changes are nice to see. Another pain point since launch has been motion blur, which was enabled by default and lacked any real options. Fortunately, patch 1.4 also added a motion blur slider, letting players reduce or disable the unpopular visual effect. 

Other changes in the patch include expanded perk choices for new game plus, an extreme difficulty setting that increases enemy damage and attack rate, and a new camera option that keeps the focus on the player and prevents the camera from latching onto enemies mid-fight. You can read the full patch notes and the dozens of bug fixes inside over on the Biomutant Steam blog.

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