Better Call Saul season 5 finale trailer teases gunfights and a major cartel showdown

And… breathe. The most recent Better Call Saul episode teed up the season 5 finale with a pressure-cooker final scene involving Jimmy and Kim staving off some unwanted attention from Lalo, all while Mike trained his sniper sights on the smarmy Salamanca. The trailer for the finale not only seemingly reveals where Lalo went but could also clue us in on the final fates of some of Albuquerque’s most unscrupulous customers.

“What happens next?” Jimmy asks at the start of the season 5 finale trailer. Smartly, AMC doesn’t give the game away too much.

Gus meets with an unseen figure, while Lalo, interestingly enough, is seen lounging about on a poolside recliner that looks suspiciously like the ones cartel boss Don Eladio has dotted around his estate. Could Lalo have been telling the truth about going to “Mejico?” Nacho, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found, though you can be certain Lalo has plans for his pawn, and the cartel game as a whole in what’s sure to be a climactic meeting of the minds.

It’s Jimmy and, specifically, Kim who could be in the firing line, however. Jimmy is seen asking Mike for info and Kim is skulking about in the shadows on more than one occasion, most prominently in a face-to-face with Howard. Their relationship has already reached breaking point, and Jimmy’s presence in a hotel room at the very end of the trailer could spell the end for the loved-up lawyer duo.

The late burst of gunfire should be the thing to set most people on edge, though. With just a season left – and the likes of Lalo, Howard, and Kim conspicuous by their absence in Breaking Bad – there’s a lot of potential for somebody to be six feet under by the episode’s end. Just… don’t let it be Kim. Please?

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