Bethesda stakes its claim on all the world's free time with Oblivion/Fallout 3 value bundle

Bethesda evidently believes that the human race is a destructive influence upon the Earth, and has determined to curb our rapacious ways by offering a distraction for the next few years. Well, that or the company's just decided that Fallout 3 and Oblivion are old enough to sell at a discount, and figures that if you want one, you might want the other; either way, that's a heaping helping of playtime right there.

Just announced on the Bethesda Blog, the Oblivion and Fallout Double Pack will be available in North America come April 3 at $29.99 for Xbox 360 or $19.99 for PC. By May, we can logically infer that the world will be in the hands of PS3 owners and those who've completed both titles. Use your newfound power wisely, folks.