The best Westworld merchandise that... definitely looks like something to us


Westworld season 2 is headed to our screens in January, and the first series has recently come to DVD and Blu-ray. If you haven’t seen it, fix that! It was the best TV of 2016, even with stiff competition from the likes of Game of Thrones season 6 and Stranger Things

Now is very much the time to reacquaint yourself with Dolores, the Man in Black, Teddy, Bernard, and basically the whole gang. I’d list Dr Ford, but it seems unlikely he’ll be in S2. To get into the Westworld spirit, check out these select pieces of merchandise. They’re all pretty tasteful - the show simply doesn’t lend itself to trashy gifts - so wouldn’t look out of place in your home or next to the 3D map in your Host-control office. Here are the best bits of merch you can get.

Westworld on Blu-ray + Digital

Well, duh. It goes without saying that you should own the actual show all these goodies are based on. What’s pleasing about Westworld is that you can watch it a number of times and still spot fresh things - be they moments of foreshadowing, Easter eggs, or just little one-liners and details you haven’t picked up on before. Of course you can grab it on Digital Download, DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra.

Buy it UK: Westworld on Blu-ray for £29.99 from Amazon
Buy it US:
Westworld on Blu-ray for $39.96 from Amazon

Westworld Funko Pops - various

Of course there are a bunch of Westworld Funkos, and of course they’re adorable. You can currently get the bulk of the main cast from season 1, including Ford, Bernard, Maeve, and Dolores. If you wanna go evil, The Man in Black is available, and if you wanna go ‘um, maybe he’s good, maybe he’s bad’ there’s Teddy. Of course, the most terrifying Funko is Young Ford, with his opening face. Ugh.

Buy it UK: All Funko Pops from Pop In A Box are £9.99
Buy it US:
All Funko Pops from Pop In A Box are $13.95

Maze Map T-shirt

Now, we all know where the Maze maps are in the actual show. And we kinda know what the maze actually is. You can display your knowledge of this smart Westworld concept by proudly wearing one of these Maze Map T-shirts. Just don’t try to use it to find the actual maze. It isn’t for you.

Buy it UK: Maze Map t-shirt is £15.99 at Amazon
Buy it US:
Maze Map t-shirt is $10.30 at Amazon

Mariposa Saloon T-shirt

Want to wear your love for Westworld in a more subtle, tasteful way? This t-shirt is brilliant. Featuring western-style lettering, it shows off the name of the hotel Maeve and Clem work at - the Mariposa. Plus, it’s 100% cotton, so a decent quality too. The design varies slightly between the US and UK. I prefer the UK version, but hey.

Buy it UK: Mariposa t-shirt is £12.99 from Amazon
Buy it US:
Mariposa t-shirt is $9.99 from Amazon

Delos logo canvas bag

Another subtle one, this. You can get this nifty canvas bag with the DELOS logo on it, letting you secretly show off your Westworld passion while you nip to the supermarket for a tin of beans. Seems strong and sturdy too, so you’ll be able to get plenty of swag in there.

Buy it UK: Delos logo bag is £9.99 from Amazon
Buy it US:
Delos logo bag is $17.95 from Amazon

Westworld hardcover ruled journal

So, you’re wearing the T-shirt, and you have your copy of the Blu-ray and a Funko of Maeve, looking like she’s about to kick some ass, safely tucked away in your DELOS bag. What else do you need? This notebook is pretty lovely, and it has all kinds of Westworld branding on it. Scribble your theories for season 2 in here.

Buy it UK: Westworld notebook £13.00 from Amazon
Buy it US:
Westworld notebook $18.95 from Amazon

Vintage Westworld poster

This last piece is a bit cheeky, but it looks so, so good. Grab a vintage poster for the original Westworld movie (which is available on Prime Video, by the way), frame it, and stick it on your wall to make it seem like you were into Westworld before it was cool. The original movie… hasn’t aged very well, but there are still some great moments.

Buy it UK: Vintage Westworld poster £5.98 from Amazon
Buy it US:
Vintage Westworld poster $4.70 from Amazon