Best Christmas Gifts For Geeks Under 30

Hello and welcome to this very special Christmas gift SFX Bargains Round-Up. This week we’re doing something a little different; every week we try to bring you stuff as cheap as we can find it, but this week we’re bringing you all the best Christmas gift ideas we can with the proviso that everything listed here costs less than thirty English pounds or did at the time of posting.

So whether you’re looking for something for the geek in your life, stuff to add to your own Christmas list or you just feel like treating yourself after spending half your wage on your family, we hope you’ll find some helpful ideas below.

And seeing as we’re in the business of selling magazines, we should also mention that magazines are a great last minute gift idea. With Future’s extended family of titles , many with great Christmas deals in place, you could do a lot worse than offer the gift of a subscription this year.

Clothing and Accessories

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Of course when it comes to T-shirts, we have to recommend the SFX Shop and the guys at Nerdoh , with their very clever design twists on well known franchises. Here are four of our faves (click on the images for links)…

(Both of the above have been reduced to £29.50 for Christmas especially so they could be in this feature! We love those Nerdoh guys!)

Of course you’ll need something to carry all those lovely Christmas presses you get in, and what better than this Millennium Falcon-shaped bag? It’s £10.01 , again from Amazon?

Play has a selection of Game Of Thrones - themed T-shirts from £6.99 to £12.99 , with all the various houses represented. Are you a Stark or Lovejoy?

IWantOneOfThose had this lovely Doctor Who dressing gown recreation of the 11th Doctor’s tweed jacket for £29.99 . It even has elbow pads.

Asos had a selection of stylish Star Wars T-shirts for £30 each. The styles include Boba Fett, Princess Leia and Stormtrooper.

Over on Play we spotted these Superman onesies for the bargain price of £14.99 .

Play also had a Captain America themed T-shirt for £6.49 and a Batman logo shirt for £6.99 .

Next page for novelties…


Don’t forget that Mother’s Basement has lots of offers on sci-fi novelties and toys each day up until Christmas with the SFX Advent Calendar . That’s a great place to look for some stocking fillers too! Check ’em out!

Next up we have a bunch of novelty items starting with this excellent Game Of Thrones stacking mug set . The three mugs together create a map of Westeros and the set can be yours for £19.99 .

For something a bit subtle and quirky, how about a set of Ghostbusters -inspired towels for £22 ?

Know a geek mate into their cooking? The here’s the perfect pressie – a Darth Vader baking tray , for a mere £8.99.

And the perfect thing to accompany the mugs; this set of Game Of Thrones coasters from Play for £9.49 .

Something for the Whovian in your life next with this Tardis-shaped tea pot , available from Play for £17.89 .

For the Trekkies – Trekkers – out there we found this gorgeous Star Trek Pizza cutter for £24.99 .

Staying with Trek –related kitchen items how about this USS Enterprise bottle opener , available from Play for £8.99 ?

If superheroes are more what you’re after then could open your bottles with the Silver Surfer from Mother’s Basement instead.

Firebox had Star Wars -themed alarm clocks in Stormtrooper, C3PO and Chewbacca styles for £11.99 each. We liked the furry ringers on the Chewie model.

Announce your guests in style with this Star Trek door chime . The item has various authentic trek noises and can be yours for £24.99 .

This cuddly Alien facehugger doll was spotted for £24.99 .

And last but least in the novelty item list we have a couple of mugs; this R2D2 mug which was on sale at Firebox for £14.99 .

If you want to get in touch with your inner Captain Picard how about this Star Trek mug from Café Press for £12 .

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Toys & Games

For the big kids in your life we have a selection of toys and games. For the arachnophobes out there we found Lord Of The Rings Lego Shelob attacks set available from Amazon for £15.99 .

And because The Hobbit will be huge this Christmas, here are another couple of great Middle-earth stocking fillers – Gandalf and Bilbo bobble heads (there’s something really satisfying about saying “Bilbo bobble head out loud – it’s like one of those insults Arthur gives Merlin) from Mother’s Basement, just £8.99 each.

But if the Lord Of The Rings f an in your life takes things a bit more seriously, how about zinc alloy replica Key To Erebor prop , created by Weta. Despite looking amazingly authentic and chunky and collectable, it’s just £24.99.

Staying with Lego , the Star Wars planets sets are a great stocking filler idea. You get a minifigure, a Lego planet and a mini model of a vehicle. The range include Death Star/TIE Interceptor , Endor/AT-ST , Tatooine/Podracer , Yavin/X-Wing and Bespin/Cloud Car , all for £9.99 each from the Lego website.

Doctor Who fans might like this Character Builder Dalek Spaceship set , available for £19.49 .

Or if cute Doctor figures is your thing then the complete Eleven Doctors set was spotted for £15 from Amazon.

Next up we have the classic Top Trumps game. We found Doctor Who 50th Anniversary exclusive sets of the popular playing card game for £14.99 . You get two packs of cards and they come in a lovely Dalek themed tin.

Star Wars also has a two-pack Top Trump set available which comes in a shiny Death Star tin for £7.79 .

And Lord Of The Rings is also in on the act with an Eye Of Sauron two-pack for £11.97 . Each set has spooky sound effects when you open each respective tin.

Staying with card games we have the classic table top game Settlers Of Catan for £25.69

Over on Games Lore we found the brain hurting Star Fluxx game for £10.99 plus p&p and the disease battling Pandemic game for £22.99 plus p&p.

If Lego games are your thing then the Star Wars: Battle of Hoth game could be perfect. It’s available from Amazon for £18.70 .

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Blu-Ray & DVD

The ever offer-packed Amazon has a deal on new release Blu-rays which is running right up to Christmas. The “Two New Blu-rays for £25 deal features such titles as The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Prometheus among many other titles. There’s a similar offer on new release DVDs , with any two in the deal going for £18 .

If a box-set is more your idea of the perfect gift The Complete Harry Potter is just £27.49 on Blu-ray or £20 on DVD .

The ever-popular Aliens Anthology is available on Blu-ray for £14.99.

A box-set collection of all the Planet of The Apes can be yours on DVD for £18 .

The X-Men Ultimate Collection is available form Amazon on Blu-ray for £17.50 or on DVD for £13.50 .

Christopher Nolan’s recently concluded Dark Knight Trilogy is available in a box-set from Amazon on DVD for £18 . Play also has the same set on Blu-ray for just a few pounds over our £30 limit, but we thought we’d mention it anyway.

Finally for our film selection we saw that Play have a two Blu-rays for £12 offer running where we spotted titles such as Star Trek, Watchmen directors cut and Stardust among many, many others.