BenQ's new portable 4K gaming projector could change everything for me

BenQ X300G with a DualSense controller on a dark background
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BenQ is well known for its excellent projectors, and with the brand's gaming heritage, it makes sense that many of its devices are geared towards console players. Their latest model, though, the BenQ X300G proves just how tapped into the gaming space they are.

The X300G is the first 4K projector designed for gaming on the go that I've seen. The 212 x 180.9 x 194.8mm short throw box can fit on pretty much any hard surface and pushes out native 4K picture with three game modes for RPG, SPG, and FPS and even crosshair overlays. At $1,799 / £1,599 it's fairly priced too - less than I was expecting from the makers of some of the best projectors on the market.

With such headway being made in the world of the best gaming handhelds, and gaming TVs continuing to offer incremental upgrades (and often substantially higher price tags to get them), I reckon BenQ might be onto something here. The Asus ROG Ally has significantly changed my play habits - I'm no longer tethered to a desk or couch to play. Being able to quickly set up the BenQ X300G for big-screen entertainment wherever I please could be another game changer - for me and many others. It's certainly a smart move considering the current enthusiasm for portable play.

BenQ X300G projectors set up in room showing different placements and uses

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There are some drawbacks with that lower price point, though. HDMI is limited to 2.0 rather than 2.1 (the Epson Pro Cinema LS12000 can get you the full 2.1 whack - albeit for $5K), and refresh rates at 4K are limited to 60Hz (though 1080p gaming can run you up to 240Hz). That, and the price point, means this isn't one for the hardcore among us - it might not end up being the best projector for PS5 overall, but it's certainly looking like one of the easiest to use.

I've been hesitant to spend too much on gaming projectors in recent years. I have a solid TV that gives me all the super bright HDR goodness I need, and the extra faff in setup (not to mention having those cables wriggling between the consoles and sound system) was enough to stop me making the change for good outside of testing. With its compact footprint, motorized zoom, built-in spatial audio, smart autofocus, and instant key stoning - this could be my way in.

BenQ X300G in a purple lit background

(Image credit: BenQ)

The BenQ X300G launched in US markets today and is available direct at - if you get in before January 31 you can even claim a free game and these options aren't lightweight. You can choose from Alan Wake 2, Baldur's Gate 3, Resident Evil 4, Spider-Man 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Those in the UK will be waiting a little longer for a European release, though. 

We're rounding up plenty more of the best portable projectors on the market, but if you're after something even more flexible check out the best outdoor projectors. You'll also need one of the best projector screens to make the most of these gadgets as well. 

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