Being Human Series 5: Who Is Phil Davis Playing?

Being Human series five is in production at the moment ready for broadcast early next year and details are beginning to seep out. SFX has an interview with creator Toby Whithouse in the new issue out today , where he teases some intriguing info, and here’s a taster of the kind of thing you’ll discover if you buy SFX 228:

Being Human is set to return with an intriguing new character: Captain Hatch. Confined to a wheelchair and described as “manipulative, obsequious and cruel”, he’s played by Phil Davis, famed for roles in everything from Quadrophenia to Whitechapel to Doctor Who .

Speaking exclusively to SFX , Toby Whithouse confirms, “He’s in all six.” So is he the new Big Bad? Or is it more complicated?

“Yes… and it’s more complicated than that. I can’t tell you how happy I was when we got Phil. I was writing the first draft of episode six, which is a colossal episode for the character, and I was struggling to find the character’s voice; something about it wasn’t clicking. Then I thought, ‘Oh, y’know who’d be brilliant for this part? Phil Davis.’ Suddenly, writing that character became infinitely easier. Then we thought: ‘Let’s put an offer in… chances are he’ll say no.’ Much to our shock and delight, he accepted it. And he’s just brilliant – he’s so gloriously horrible in the role!”

Last year’s climax saw Mark Gatiss’s ancient vampire Mr Snow, leader of the Old Ones, destroyed in an explosion. So are we done with The Old Ones?

“Yeah, we’re moving on to pastures new. In episode one there’s a scene that puts a full stop on the Old Ones, and we move on to much bigger and greater threats.”

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