Behind the scenes at the Comic-Con Masquerade

After judging you’re allowed to get comfortable (which in our case meant taking a bunch of stuff off) while you waited your group’s turn to get on stage. Masquerade performances can range from simple walk-ons to music to choreographed dance numbers. Wanting to keep the audience entertained we opted for a humorous take on the world of Rapture.

What you couldn’t see was both Big Daddies precariously navigating up a set of stairs to get on stage that caused a delay getting the Little Sisters and Sophia Lamb out. Watching four grown men help our Bouncer up those steps was one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever witnessed.

Above: After performing groups are shuffled off to a press photo area to get pictures taken. It also meant we got to take everything off again

Above: It also meant a lot of waiting…

Above: Since some of us were so large we couldn’t fit on stage the two Big Daddies had to stand in front right next to some of the photographers

Above: We had to constantly tell people that there was a girl in there

Above: A very uncomfortable, very tired, but awesome girl!

Above: After the press area we were hustled backstage where we were told we were getting an award. Considering the amount of amazing entries we were terribly excited

Entry #30: HCC Welcomes You to Rapture, winners of Best Workmanship at the Comic-Con 2010 Masquerade!

Jul 27, 2010

Cheryll Del Rosario
Photoshop is my friend!