Behind the scenes at the Comic-Con Masquerade

Fast forward several sleepless weeks later to backstage at the Masquerade. Comic-Con has a rule that doesn’t allow entries to wear their costumes prior to the show so everyone is required to dress backstage. Thankfully we had an army of helpers to get us into gear. All the entries are photographed and judged and are required to be fully dressed and ready for that an hour prior to show time.

Above: Both Big Daddies were at the mercy of their helpers as they got ready

Pro tip: The Rumbler’s head is made from a plastic clothes hamper

Above: Oh hey, there’s me!

Above: I managed to sucker my roommate into being a Little Sister for our skit. She’s a good sport

Above: While waiting for the craftsmanship judge our Spider Splicer demonstrated what her hooks could also be used for. Awww…

Above: The rush to get into costume completed we got our photo taken for judging and it finally hit some of us about how uncomfortable these get-ups really were

Cheryll Del Rosario
Photoshop is my friend!