Behind the scenes at the Comic-Con Masquerade

Photos: Cheryll Del Rosario, Judy Grivich, A.J. Wu, Marc Aure, Ming Fu & Ann Grivich

One of the biggest costuming competitions happens at the Comic-Con Masquerade every year and it always draws some of the most elaborate and jaw-dropping entries. Everything from Sci-Fi to movies to videogames are represented and we have the behind-the-scenes look at the road to the Masquerade with my friend’s and our BioShock 2 group.

The process started a few months before the convention with a ton of sketches, squinting over in-game screen captures, scouring the internet for construction ideas and lots of discussion of what was possible over cups of tea.

Above: Want your own life-sized Bouncer Big Daddy? Hope you have a ton of cardboard and a yoga ball handy

Above: The living room of my friend’s house was overrun with pink insulation foam, bits of supplies and numerous plastic bags from the local hardware store

Above: Both the Bouncer and Rumbler Big Daddies were constructed with fiberglass. The stuff isn’t really safe which meant bundling up in the garage during 80-degree summer weather

Above: The mess inside the house was further perpetuated in the garage. My friend’s neighbors absolutely love her now

Above: The Rumbler Big Daddy also started out as cardboard, Styrofoam and floral foam…

Above: Which, after a few layers of fiberglass and a lot of sanding, turned into this!

Above: Just how big is the Bouncer going to be? Big enough to comfortably sleep two!


Above: It was determined early on that the Bouncer would not be able to fit through regular doors. I imagine we may take it out sailing with the three of us at some point

Cheryll Del Rosario
Photoshop is my friend!