Beat Marvel's Spider-Man by October 29 and you could win a Lego Miles Morales minifigure

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales may be coming next month, but to get you hyped, you can win a Lego Miles Morales minifigure before that - you just need to beat Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 for your chance at nabbing it.

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To enter the sweepstakes, you need to have beaten Marvel's Spider-Man before 11:59pm ET on October 29 and unlocked the 'End Game' trophy. When your PSN ID has that trophy, simply follow the link here and click the 'opt-in' button to enter.

The Lego Spider-Man Miles Morales minifigure is the result of a collaboration between Marvel, Lego, and PlayStation. Mini Miles is wearing his red-and-black Classic Suit from the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales game. If you're excited for the upcoming game, what better time than now to play through the entire original game? You may get a free Lego for your trouble...

There were myriad reports of the sweepstakes site crashing when it was first announced on October 16, but as of publication it seems the site is up and running, so keep an eye out. Whether you beat Marvel's Spider-Man in the next two weeks or if you already completed it years ago, you're eligible for the sweepstakes, so make sure to opt-in. 

There are 1,650 Lego Miles Morales minifigures up for grabs, and while that seems like a lot, I'm sure there are plenty more people who have played and beaten Marvel's Spider-Man in the last two years. Act fast, my Spider-Friends.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is releasing November 12 on PS5 and PS4.

Oh, and a Spider-Man: Miles Morales suit includes Spider-Cat in a backpack. Ah!

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