Baz Luhrmann takes Kidman to Australia

It looks like Nicole Kidman’s acting career is about to come full circle, as Moulin Rouge director Baz Lurmann takes her back to a part of Australia she last visited 18 years ago

Then, she was filming the cabin-creeper Dead Calm, trying to avoid Billy Zane, who, after that and Titanic, is now possibly the last actor on earth you’d choose to man a deck with.

Now, she’s playing an English aristocrat and re-uniting with Luhrmann in the director’s new, Fox produced, £120 million epic, Australia.

The Moulin Rouge helmer will be drawing together a glut of Australian acting talent for the picture, which includes Hugh Jackman, Bryan Brown and Wolf Creek’s nefarious Alf Stewart: Jeff Jarrat.

The film is set prior to the Second World War and follows Kidman’s character's travels to Northern Australia after inheriting a large ranch from her departed husband. When ravenous cattle barons threaten to pillage her land she is forced into an unwitting alliance with rugged cattle driver (Jackman) to help drive her cattle across miles of treacherous ground.

Kidman seems to be getting stuck into her role, and enjoying the chance to work with Luhrmann and Jackman again.

“I’m learning riding, dressage, mustering cattle and cutting. It’s been such a great learning experience for me, I love riding horses.”

"I had a small practice run working with Hugh when we played Mumble’s mother and father in George Miller’s animated film Happy Feet. And, of course, I had the most wonderful experience working with Baz on my last Australian movie, Moulin Rouge. I think he’s a creative genius. So too is his wonderful wife Catherine Martin who is the production designer. They are two of the most special people in the world” declared Kidman.

With shooting underway, Australia is set to sizzle onto cinemas in 2008.

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