Bayonetta 3 studio has multiple new projects in the works

The hero of Project G.G. defends a dog from a kaiju
(Image credit: PlatinumGames)

PlatinumGames has revealed they're working on a new IP in addition to the mysterious Project G.G.

Earlier today on July 20, Japanese publication Famitsu debuted a brand new interview with Atsushi Inaba, president of PlatinumGames, Hideki Kamiya, co-vice president of the studio, and Takao Yamane, who was just hired to the studio as co-vice president after a career at Nintendo.

Inaba, current overall studio head at PlatinumGames, reveals that the developer is busy working on a brand-new IP. The president specifically highlights the new IP as a large-scale project, and elsewhere in the interview, Inaba reveals the developer is busy hiring more workers to meet the project's demands.

That's all in addition to Project G.G., another new IP that the studio previously revealed back in 2020. The debut trailer left a lot unsaid about the new project, only revealing it as a new action game revolving around giant heroes and similarly gigantic creatures, and we've heard nothing of the game since then.

That could be because PlatinumGames is still busy hiring staff to develop the game, and has multiple projects on the go at once, if this interview with Inaba is any indication. After all, PlatinunGames is still hard at work developing the eagerly anticipated Bayonetta 3, which is slated to launch later this year in October, as well as Project G.G. and this new unannounced IP. Considering the studio is also eagerly looking to expand in the meantime, it's a lot to handle at once.

Kamiya previous said Bayonetta 3 will be "more enjoyable," if you've played the first two, so that's your cue to revisit the standout action games if you haven't done so already. 

Hirun Cryer

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