PlatinumGames' Project GG is a giant hero action title and it already has a trailer

The hero of Project G.G. defends a dog from a kaiju
(Image credit: PlatinumGames)

PlatinumGames is on a roll, and it's ready to tell you a little something about its next new game: Project G.G.

After teasing its reveal, PlatinumGames followed through with a teaser trailer and some details on the new project being led by Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya. While we haven't seen any screenshots of the game yet, Gematsu reports (via Ryokutya2089) that a reveal article in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine includes an image of a boy transforming into a giant to fight a kaiju - a giant monster like Godzilla or the monsters in Pacific Rim.

"Where Viewtiful Joe is Kamen Rider-esque in that one guy transforms into a hero, and The Wonderful 101 is more like a group of people transforming into heroes, Project G.G. is a giant hero-esque title," Kamiya confirmed in the magazine.

Regular-sized people becoming huge to fight off giant monsters and other threats is a Japanese genre of its own (or at least a sub-genre), well-represented by cultural mainstays like the Ultraman series. Kamiya added that "while its feel as an action game is important, it is not a game solely focused on action". PlatinumGames is also aiming to launch Project G.G. on "all existing platforms", which means mobile versions may be in the works on top of the usual console/PC iterations.

Platinum Games studio head Atsushi Inaba confirmed that Project G.G. is at the start of development now, and that the studio is recruiting talent for the project in its new Tokyo offices. Project G.G. is going to be the first game to be fully developed and published by PlatinumGames, and Kamiya wrote about how momentous of an event that is for the studio on the game's official site: "PlatinumGames is in full control".

Project G.G. is the second part of the "Platinum 4" which the studio started teasing earlier this month, the first part being the immediately successful Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101 Remastered. Inaba teased in the interview that the last one is a secret, but that it's "something very Platinum and interesting."

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