Battlezone is getting a rad free 80's mode, new campaign, and customisation options

Rebooted arcade classic Battlezone - one of our best PS VR games - is going back to its roots with a new 'Classic' mode that recreates the original game's neon green wireframes. Its so 80's you can only play it if you look like this version of Robert Downy Jr:

Or maybe this one. 

Anyway, point is: '80s. The new Classic mode will add on a separate campaign when it arrives on December 20, as part of the game's 1.03 update. 

That 1.03 update will also add a bunch of new content including new mission types, maps and customisation. The latter adding new skin packs to the Store, as well as custom horns and bobbleheads to spruce up your tank. 

Take a look. 

Wait, this Robert Downey Jr. 

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