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Battlefield, Tomb Raider, and MGS 5 headline the EU PlayStation Store "Games under €10" sale

Black Friday may be a week away, but you can get some top-quality games on the super-cheap right now thanks to the PlayStation Store's "Games under €10" sale, going on right now. As you could probably guess by the inclusion of the € sign, these deals are only available to those in the EU. Sorry, my fellow Americans.

There are dozens of games to choose from, and you can check out the full list over on the PlayStation Blog. But if you're just wondering which gems have floated to the top in this sea of savings (do gems float? Maybe this was a bad metaphor...) we've picked out some of the absolute best that deserve your attention.

You can find our curated list below, along with a small blurb from our reviews - just in case you needed help making up your mind. Simply click the game's title to be taken to the PS Store's landing page for that game.

Battlefield 4 was £15.99, now £4.99 (68% off)
As ever, though, it’s online where BF4 shines brightest. You may not appreciate just how brilliantly designed the maps, modes, and classes are until you experience those trademark moments. Like when you’re charging around an abandoned factory on Golmund Railway, trying to fend off three tanks at once, mortar fire raining down on you from above, shaking your screen and creating unbelievable mayhem. Then--and only then--will you truly fall in love with this game like I have.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was £24.99, now £6.49 (74% off)
NOTE: You can also pick up
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Definitive Experience (includes Ground Zeroes and bonus DLC) for just £1.50 more

I was hasty to label Kojima's final MGS game as 'incredible'. It's better than that. Mechanically, it's exceptional, as evidenced by the anecdotes, arguments and videos of its players. You can take down a military convoy with a Fakel grenade launcher, but it's more fun with horse poop, an inflatable decoy and Fulton balloons.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was £24.99, now £7.99 (68% off)
Even if you've never been a huge fan of Lara Croft's fortune-hunting adventures, Tomb Raider is sure to impress. Its expert sense of pacing, captivating setting, and dark tone create a truly memorable experience that's further enhanced by an immense level of detail. Lara Croft, the old Lara Croft, is dead.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition was £24.99, now £7.99 (68% off)
Every single action is so entertaining that we’d go looking for trouble just as an excuse to use our fun melee takedowns, awesome gunplay, and fantastic driving skills. Thankfully, the game provides bountiful opportunities to use these skills, both in the game’s lengthy campaign - which takes some 15 hours to complete - and the plentiful side missions, which can easily tack on another 10.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was £15.99, now £6.49 (59% off)
NOTE: You can get
Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition (includes unique mounts, chests, and soundtrack) for just £1.50 more
Inquisition is as dense as it is massive, uncoiled from the previous game's cramped city streets and stretched out across two empires. From the marshes of Ferelden to the deserts of Orlais, this game loaded with different regions to explore, each with its own style and expansive landscape. Along the way, Inquisition trips over itself to make sure you always, always have something - maybe a few dozen somethings - to do.

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