Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal expansion brings swords to a SWAT fight

Battlefield Hardline is about to take its game of cops and robbers in a decidedly more feudal direction. The upcoming Betrayal expansion, which will come to Premium subscribers in March before reaching general players two weeks later, is adding swords to the mix. Freaking. Swords. Look at these two players facing off, blades drawn and at the ready:

Along with some sharp-looking medieval weaponry, Betrayal will also contain the usual bevy of begotten goodies. The Battlefield Hardline website lists four new maps (Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown, and Thin Ice), seven new weapons, two new vehicles, new assignments, and new Legendary weapon camos. You'll also be able to customize primary weapons and uniforms at the Gun Bench before testing them in the Gun Range practice mode.

Whether you pick up Betrayal or not, all Hardline players will receive an update when the expansion launches. This update will increase stability and squash bugs but, more importantly, it'll also bring 11 new weapons and change Gold Battlepacks so they have a chance to instantly unlock a full weapon license.

Hey EA, what's the license I need to wield a sword? I really just want the sword.

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Sam Prell

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