Battlefield 6 reveal event reportedly set for May

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Battlefield 6 could be unveiled within the next few weeks, with one report suggesting that EA is planning its reveal for May.

On a recent livestream (starting around the 26:30 mark), GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb was asked by a viewer when the next Battlefield game would be revealed. In response, Grubb said the unveiling would take place in May. Adding some context, he said that the game would "probably" be shown off over the next few weeks, stating that "things are still fluid," and while EA and developer DICE haven't announced anything publicly, "my understanding is that they're probably looking at May."

Until we get official word from the people behind the game, it's worth taking Grubb's comments with a pinch of salt, especially as schedules can be subject to plenty of change behind the scenes. It's also worth noting that while the reveal might take place in May, the game itself is unlikely to release until some time afterwards, likely closer to the important release windows closer to Christmas.

EA has already confirmed that Battlefield 6 will release in 2021, and appears to be pulling out all the stops to make that happen - earlier this month, Need for Speed developer Criterion was moved onto the Battlefield team to help speed up development, causing the next game in the racing franchise to be delayed by a year. Beyond that, there's very little information on offer, although the Battlefield community is hard at work figuring out as much as it can - recent leaks point to increased destruction tech and a return to the feel of Battlefield 3, while a potential teaser suggests Battlefield 6 could be set in Kazakhstan.

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