Battlefield 6 will have significantly advanced level destruction, according to leaker

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Level destruction in Battlefield 6 will be significantly advanced than in previous versions of the game, according to a new report from leaker Tom Henderson.

In his recent video, Henderson said that the new game will reintroduce the destruction tech - which the YouTuber refers to as 'levelution' - but will significantly dial up its scope. Rather than a map having a few destructible points, Henderson claims that "every single building can be destroyed in some capacity."

There will be a few slight exceptions. A building that contains an objective, for example, won't be fully destructible, but the buildings that do come down will do so in a more dramatic fashion, collapsing based on how and where players attempt to destroy it, falling sideways if a sidewall is taken out, or backwards if the far side of the building is destroyed.

Henderson also discusses the game's multiplayer, stating that Battlefield 6 squads will be "very similar" to previous games, with established classes returning. However, developer DICE is reportedly testing a new system called a 'Platoon', which will see multiple squads able to coordinate under the same banner. Multiplayer will also take advantage of crossplay between PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, as well as last-gen consoles.

Elsewhere, Henderson says he's heard new information regarding a free-to-play mode attached to Battlefield 6 with a battle pass system. It's not clear exactly what that means, but it won't be the campaign or the traditional multiplayer. The leaker claims that that could mean that DICE is looking into a new battle royale mode, a potential follow-up to Battlefield 5's free Firestorm mode. With no additional details from Henderson or DICE, however, it's likely worth taking that info with a pinch of salt, at least until we hear more from the game's developer ahead of its release late this year.

Battlefield 6 could be returning to its roots - which is good news for series fans.

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