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Battlefield 6 leaker claims there'll be day/night and dynamic weather cycles on multiplayer maps

Battlefield 6
(Image credit: EA)

A storied Battlefield leaker has claimed numerous details about the upcoming game from EA.

Earlier this week in a broadcast through his YouTube channel, leaker Tom Henderson revealed a slate of new claims about the upcoming Battlefield 6. As chronicled on Reddit (opens in new tab), Henderson starts out by claiming that every map in Battlefield 6 will have a day/night cycle, as well as a dynamic weather system at play.

Henderson also claimed that movement in the new Battlefield game would feel a lot more fluid. Additionally, although the new game allegedly takes place in the near future, it won't feature anything like jetpacks, although Henderson did add that "wingsuits" could star in the game's battle royale mode.

There's a ton of new claims to delve into from Henderson's broadcast. While they're certainly some interesting claims, none of them have been confirmed, or even commented on, by either publisher EA or developer EA DICE.

What we do know is that the new Battlefield game will be launching later this year, as revealed by EA earlier this year. It's being spearheaded by series stalwarts EA DICE, with additional development help from several other EA-owned studios, including Criterion, DICE Los Angeles, and EA Gothenburg. Elsewhere, a mobile spin-off is being developed by another EA studio, and will launch next year in 2022.

According to an earlier claim by Henderson, we shouldn't have to wait too long to see the game for ourselves. A past claim from the leaker asserted that Battlefield 6 would be unveiled in May 2021, and that the new game would be skipping out launching on PS4 and Xbox One consoles, something that many people thought the recent announcement of Battlefield's 2021 release window by EA seemed to confirm.

Right now, EA has confirmed that the new Battlefield game will be coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S at some point in 2021. Here's hoping there's not too long to wait until we see EA's shooter in action for ourselves.

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