Battlefield 6 leaker claims slightly futuristic setting with drones and robots

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Several new Battlefield 6 details have been revealed by a storied leaker of EA's game, including a somewhat futuristic setting.

As you can see below, reputable Battlefield-related leaker Tom Henderson has published a newsletter outlining several new details about the unannounced Battlefield 6. In the newsletter, Henderson claims that Battlefield 6 has a slightly futuristic setting, being set around 10 years in the future from the present day.

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Through this, Battlefield 6's developers will be able to implement technology that is only just being experimented with by today's military, according to Henderson. We should expect to see military robots, drones, and jets, as well as your usual helicopters and tanks.

Battlefield 6 will feature a "revolutionary" campaign, according to Henderson's newsletter. You'll operate a specialist team, and you can select which superpower to fight for: the USA, or Russia. Additionally, the campaign will feature co-op support throughout, so you'll be able to fight in your squad alongside your friends.

Apparently, Henderson has heard Battlefield 6's multiplayer referred to as "Battlefield 3/4 on steroids," and bigger and better than before. The leaker also claims that there's a battle royale mode on the way, but possibly after the main game launches, where you'll be able to play as one of four classes, each with different perks.

Finally, Henderson reveals that this year's Battlefield will simply be called "Battlefield." There's no added flair on this year's shooter from EA, and we can expect to see a reveal trailer in May without actual gameplay, which lines up with what a journalist at Venture Beat previously claimed.

Rumors of a Battlefield game launching in 2021 first circulated in January, when Henderson claimed that EA was designing the forthcoming game's maps with 128 players in mind. At the time, Henderson also claimed that the unannounced Battlefield game would be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3, welcome news if you're a fan of the series' past.

Last month, an EA official revealed that Criterion was being recruited to help develop the unannounced Battlefield game with EA DICE. Criterion's Need For Speed game is being put on the back burner temporarily, as both studios are going full tilt in an attempt to ship Battlefield later this year. Whatever the final game might end up looking like, there might be less than two months to go until we finally get a glimpse at the next Battlefield.

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