Watch the Battlefield 5 Firestorm trailer and get ready for tractor royale

Battlefield 5's take on battle royale, Firestorm, is coming on March 25. EA marked the announcement with a new trailer that follows a squad from airdrop all the way to the final ring; it's way more cinematic than that leaked Battlefield 5 Firestorm tutorial video, but it should still give you an idea for the Battlefeels plus hard-edged survival moments that are meant to set Firestorm apart from all those other battle royale games.

Keep the battle building

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Firestorm will be a free addition for players across all platforms. If you haven't been keeping up on the premise, the new mode sends 64-players parachuting into a ring of fire to scavenge, shoot, and (maybe) survive. Finding safes or vaults help players unlock momentum-shifting reinforcements like air strikes and frickin' tanks because this is still Battlefield. Firestorm can be played in solo, duo, or four-player squad modes.

EA previously revealed that Battlefield 5 fell short of its initial sales expectations. I'd be more optimistic about Firestorm revitalizing the game's community five months after launch if EA hadn't also published Apex Legends a month ago for free, and if Apex hadn't already racked up more than 25 million players. I don't know how many of those people are going to stop sharing Mozambique memes to give Battlefield 5's late-coming battle royale a shot, especially if the hotly anticipated Apex Legends battle pass goes live before Firestorm does.

Sometimes I wonder about what makes EA decide to release things when it does. All that aside, Firestorm is definitely the only battle royale game where you can run over people with a tractor while your friend blows stuff up with an artillery gun hitched to the back of it. That's worth something all by itself.

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