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Battlefield 2142 Strategy Guide - Engineers

However, the PDS-1 is required to make available the most useful item in the Engineer kit - the Koenig H-AVR Heavy Anti-Vehicle Rifle. This rifle fires an explosive projectile - but it has no tracking function like the standard rocket launcher - so it will not alert armor drivers to its presence.

Hitting armor in their weak spots - the rear of tanks and the knees of Battle Walkers - will quickly tear them to shreds. Combined with EMP and tracker mines, the Anti-Vehicle rifle-armed engineer has the firepower required to single-handedly defeat entire armored columns.

The anti-vehicle rifle also is very effective against infantry. Despite its slow rate of fire and reload speed, the fired projectile has a great deal of splash damage and will sometimes kill two or three enemy infantry soldiers at a time. Be sure to finish off any survivors with your SMG - at short range, if possible.

Lastly, be sure to mix-and-match your equipment at different stages of the game. While the Anti-Vehicle rifle is a smart choice at the beginning stages of a Titan match against the tanks and Battle Walkers, you'll be glad to have your standard rocket launcher to fire at consoles and the Titan's core.