Battlefield 2142 Strategy Guide - Engineers

If you've spent some time behind the wheel (or under the heel) of Battlefield 2142's giant, terrifying fleet of vehicles, you may already realize that the pilots of these powerful behemoths can tip the balance of the battle single-handedly. Conversely, stopping an ace jockey in his tracks prematurely will most assuredly swing the tide of battle in your team's favor.

If you agree that taking part in these kind of heroics sounds excellent (and who wouldn't?), then perfecting your role as an Engineer is your best bet at Battlefield stardom. Mixing one part expert Engineer and one part super-powerful tank/gunship/Battle Walker is Battlefield 's signature cocktail - a potent death machine on wheels.

But the road to Battlefield immortality is littered with broken vehicle husks and rusted tank skeletons. It takes more than a pretty machine to propel you to the top of the ranks. Like any role within BF2142, your survivability increases exponentially when you team up with an efficient squad.

So, before you concern yourself with loading up your specific kit equipment, you should first hit that "Tab" key and join up with a squad - any squad will do. Even if join the game late and you set out alone in a vehicle, bang on that "Create a Squad" button. Becoming a Squad Leader means that other players can join you on the fly, and spawn inside your vehicle wherever you are on the battlefield.