Battlefield 2142 hands-on

Finally, DICE has upped the stakes with new game modes and multiplayer options. Titan mode employs the biggest new vehicle - the gigantic, hovering Titan cruiser - to brilliant effect. During the battle the Titan acts as the base for the army's commander, enabling them to deploy reinforcements or launch orbital artillery strikes, with each side fighting to breach the enemy's defences and board the Titan - using the launch pods from an APC - and then blow it from the sky.

There're also plans for cooperative multiplayer games - something that gamers of Battlefield 2 were campaigning for - where you can join up with buddies to battle a team of AI bots. We're loving the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it atmosphere of this new outing for Battlefield, and with a comfortable autumn launch on the horizon, we haven't got long to wait to re-enlist with one of the greatest war games around.