Battlefield 2142 advanced strategy guide - Recon

So you've pounded the ground, tried out all the vehicles, crashed dozens of aircraft (likely brimming full of teammates) - but generally taken an eye for an eye on the frozen tundras of Battlefield 2142.

Now you are ready to contribute to your body count - the easy way - by sneaking behind your foes and stabbing them in the back.

You're the stealthy type - preferring shadowy corners and blind angles in which to ambush your prey. You realize that this is war - and any so-called fair fight is also a stupid one. Infiltration, surprise and tactical advantage are your watch words.

You are a Recon soldier. But in this Battlefield you have two possible career paths to take: Sniper, or Special Ops. The Sniper role is fairly straightforward, so if you were successful as a sniper in previous installations of Battlefield, then you'll hit the ground running in 2142. You'll also have some notable additions to your kit as you rise through the ranks, but more on those later.

Even though this is a far future war, projectiles in 2142 are still not laseriffic - meaning your rounds will drop over long distances, and also have "time of flight." Because of this realistic modeling of ballistics, you must increase your aim elevation and lead your target for long distance shots. This requires practice.