Battlefield 2142 advanced strategy guide - Recon

The path of the Spec Ops soldier is much more nuanced and subtle than the Sniper's. Well-armed and swift, the Spec Ops soldier will likely earn more points by stealthy infiltration, asset destruction, strategic capture and defense than he will by outright killing of the enemy.

If you read our beginner's strategy guide, then you may already know that the first of the Recon class unlocks on the Spec Ops track is the RDX pack - vital to destruction of enemy Titan consoles and the final reactor core.

If you've already unlocked the RDX packs early on, you'll gain the NetBat Fade Delay enhancement with your second unlock. The Fade Delay is a passive upgrade, available automatically when you select the Recon class. This device is implanted in your helmet and paints enemy targets for an extended period of time, enabling you and your squadmates to track their positions, even behind obstacles. The major benefit of this upgrade is that it gives you the upper hand in cat-and-mouse infantry battles - showing you enemy positions and allowing you to pre-fire around corners before your adversaries can react. This is vital for survival; especially since Recon soldiers have a lighter-duty weapon and often forego heavy armor for added speed in the field.