Battlefield 2042 players discover they can heal penguins with repair tools

Battlefield 2042
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It turns out you can repair Battlefield 2042's penguins with an engineer's repair tool.

As first reported by VG247 (opens in new tab), Battlefield 2042 players have accidentally discovered you can repair penguins scattered throughout one icy map in the game. All you need to do is approach a penguin with a repair tool and hold down the right trigger to to heal them back to full health, just in case they happened to have taken a bit of a beating.

ok_i_get_it_the_game_has_a_lot_of_problems_but from r/battlefield2042

Quite how this feature was first uncovered by the Battlefield 2042 community remains unclear, but it's a fascinating little detail. What really remains to be seen is whether developer EA DICE actually patches out this feature from the new shooter, or whether they leave it in for players to mess around with.

Speaking of patches, EA DICE has been incredibly busy of late. Since Battlefield 2042 launched last month to not-so-positive reviews, the developer pledged two significant updates for the multiplayer game, both of which have now come to pass.

The first of these updates significantly improved weapon accuracy across the board, addressing one of the foremost criticisms of Battlefield 2042 at launch. The more recent update, which launched a couple of days ago, added weekly challenge-based missions for the first time, allowing players to horde a bounty of new XP, as well as new game modes for the experimental player-driven Portal mode. Battlefield 2042 might not have had the smoothest launch period, but EA is moving in a new direction with the franchise at large, appointing Respawn and former Titanfall lead Vince Zampella to head up the series in the future.

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