Battlefield 2042 leaker claims beta build isn't as old as EA stated

Battlefield 2042 Orbital
(Image credit: EA)

A report has denied EA's claims that Battlefield 2042's recent beta build was "months" old.

The new report comes from GamingIntel, where seasoned Battlefield and Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson claims new information about Battlefield 2042 from an associate working on the game. Chiefly, Henderson's source disputes EA's recent claim that Battlefield 2042's recent beta earlier this month was actually months old.

This claim from EA came about due to concerns over the quality of the Battlefield 2042 beta. Chiefly, players were expressing concern over the litany of bugs and glitches in the shooter's recent open beta period, which caused developer/publisher EA to release a statement reassuring players that the beta build was "a few months old," and not reflective of the final game's current state.

Now, Henderson's source has disputed this. Additionally, Henderson writes that a second source has also claimed to him that the beta isn't as old as EA claims, and the report itself claims that, since Battlefield 2042 was delayed to November earlier this month, the beta's contents were never altered at all, as the beta is actually from late September. That, if accurate, would make the beta a lot more recent than EA originally stated. We've reached out to EA to see if it has a comment on the report.

All of this is a little murky, to say the least. We have just over a month until we can try out the final build of Battlefield 2042 for ourselves, when EA DICE's new shooter launches on November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

You can read our recent Battlefield 2042 open beta preview for what we made of our time with the new shooter from EA.

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