Battlefield 2042 leak claims Class Specializations will return via Portal mode

Battlefield 2042 Portal
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A Battlefield 2042 leak claims we could see Class Specializations make a comeback in the Battlefield Portal mode.

In a recent tweet, temporyal, a veteran Battlefield series dataminer, claims to have dug through the files of the recent Battlefield 2042 open beta, and discovered that extensive Class Specializations have been mentioned specifically for the Battlefield Portal mode of EA DICE's new shooter.

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The Battlefield Portal mode, of course, sees soldiers, weapons, vehicles, and more from across the entire Battlefield series come together to duke it out in one spot. It would be perfectly ordinary to have soldiers from Battlefield 1942 going toe-to-toe with the futuristic soldiers of Battlefield 2042, for example, and the leaker claims that EA DICE might even introduce brand new traits for soldiers from former games to give them a fighting chance against their modern counterparts.

This would certainly be one way to keep things interesting and liven up older content in Battlefield Portal. We've actually seen leaked content from the Portal mode previously, when a Battlefield 2042 player allegedly managed to drag content from the Portal mode into the recent open beta. It was reported that 35 classes were seen in the Portal mode through the beta, which sets up the mode as one of the more expansive Battlefield experiences to date.

There's not long until we find out just how EA DICE has modernized the classic Battlefield infantry and weapons, when Battlefield 2042 launches next month on November 19. EA DICE's sequel will be arriving on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and will boast free upgrades to all new-gen consoles across the board.

For more on the extensive new mode for the forthcoming shooter, head over to our full Battlefield 2042 Portal preview for more.

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