Batman voice actor says there's no new Arkham game in the works

Batman Arkham
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Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy says there's no new Arkham game in the works.

In an interview with The Movie Dweeb (see below), Conroy - who has placed Batman in no fewer than 15 projects, including the Injustice and Batman: Arkham games - was asked whether there was another Arkham title in development.

In response, Conroy said "I wish there was, I really do. Because people ask all the time." To explain why the series hasn't been continued, the actor explained "you have to understand how expensive they are to build. They cost a fortune. They take years. Arkham Knight took two years to put together, and it was a huge secret, no-one could know about it."

Despite the series' critical and commercial success, Conroy states that those up-front costs are "the only reason I think they haven't done another one."

While rumours of a follow-up to the Arkham trilogy have been swirling in the years post 2015's release of Arkham Knight, developer Rocksteady has moved elsewhere in the DC universe. The studio's next game in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and while other studios are sticking closer to the Bat-family with WB Games Montreal's Gotham Knights, it seems an interactive Arkham remains off the table for now. You will, however, be able to check out the infamous asylum again in future, as The Batman GCPD spin-off has "evolved" to focus on Arkham, according to director Matt Reeves.

Despite Conroy's comments, it's worth noting that there's a chance this isn't a definitive answer to the question of an Arkham sequel. As the voice actor himself notes, Arkham Knight was a "huge secret," and news of a potential follow-up is also likely to be contained within restrictive non-disclosure agreements, which means that if the series was to rear its head again in future, Conroy wouldn't be allowed to tell us even if he wanted to.

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