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Batman: Arkham City Riddler guide


Chances are you’ll complete most of The Riddler’s physical challenges unintentionally while scouring Arkham City questing and hunting trophies. There are, however, several that may remain elusive for you. We’ve listed those below, along with advice on how to complete them.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #1Glide continuously for over 150 meters [without using the Grapnel Boost upgrade]

For some reason doing exactly what the description says isn’t good enough. Find a high place--the chimneys in the Industrial District work great--and leap off. Make sure to do about four or five dive bombs into pull-ups in a row. This should be enough to complete the challenge.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #2Perform five consecutive line launches without touching the ground

Go to any part of the city with lots of buildings (we did it right in front of the courthouse) and find one long stretch to use your line launcher. The beauty is you can press left trigger almost immediately after launching your first line and launch another, meaning you don’t have to cover much distance at all to complete this challenge.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #3Glide for 30 meters while maintaining a height of less than 5 meters above the water

Chances are you’ve probably done this while completing the AR challenges. It requires fairly strict timing; you’ll need to pull up from a dive bomb just before you hit the drink and hold your glide as long as possible. Make sure to hold down after you pull up to avoid flying too high. Fortunately, 30 meters is nothing in terms of distance while you’re gliding, and 5 meters above the water is pretty generous.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #4Perform a Batclaw Slam (5 required)

All you need to do is use a quick Batclaw during combat (LT + Y, or L2 + Triangle) and then immediately press the attack button as the enemy is coming towards you. This is quite satisfying.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #5Aerial Attack off a stunned enemy into another (3 required)

You’ll need to stun an enemy with your cape (B or Circle), then double tap the jump button to vault on top of them. As you’re doing that, quickly press the attack button and hold the left stick in the direction of another enemy.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #6Hit an explosive object with a Batarang before it is thrown

Enemies will often grab objects and hold them above their heads for a while, waiting for a ripe opportunity. Whenever one of these enemies is holding a fire extinguisher or a propane tank, use your quick Batarang on them (double tap LT or L2).

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #7Take out 2 enemies at once with the Glide Boost Attack

The only difficult part to this challenge is finding two enemies standing close enough together in an area that allows for an attack from great height. Try the entrance to Joker’s section of the Industrial District. Hone in on an enemy, press the attack button while gliding, then hold RT/R2.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #8Fly a fully boosted Remote Batarang into a thug and send him flying

The best way to do this is to find some enemies that haven’t detected you yet, or pick a fight and then hop onto a lamp post where you can’t be reached. Make sure to pilot the Batarang close to the ground until just before you hit the enemy, then pull up and drive that sucker into the schmuck’s torso.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #9Use the Reverse Batarang to knock down an enemy

It’s best to do this on an unsuspecting enemy. It’s not easy to pull this off in the heat of combat.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #10Perform a Grapnel Boost Takedown

There is a rooftop in the southwest corner of Amusement Mile that is usually patrolled by two armed guards, and they often walk near the edges. If you can’t spring this attack on them, get their attention, drop to the street, and wait for them to peer over the edge of the roof.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE #11Use the Remote Electrical Charge to temporarily disable a backpack Jammer device

Even after you beat the game, you can always find one of these devices on a guard in the central area of the subway.

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