Back 4 Blood devs hit back at KFC Gaming over weirdly spicy tweet

Back 4 Blood
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Turtle Rock Studios has responded to a weirdly antagonizing tweet from KFC Gaming, and it turns out the developer likes its chicken extra crispy and Nashville Hot-seasoned.

For some context, as is always needed when a fried chicken restaurant decides to turn its deep fryers toward a video game developer, KFC Gaming sent out a tweet on Tuesday quite clearly suggesting that Turtle Rock's upcoming Back 4 Blood is "a cheap copy" of Left 4 Dead, which was also developed by Turtle Rock. Shortly thereafter, the Back 4 Blood studio proved it was in no mood to take heat from Colonel Sanders. "11 herbs and spices, and still no taste," reads Turtle Rock's retort, an apparent reference to the chicken company's proprietary seasoning blend.

KFC Gaming made its entirely unexpected entry into the games space when it revealed its 4K-capable gaming console that doubles as a fried chicken warmer (yes, really). The brand's jab at Back 4 Blood is its most high-profile stunt since, and it's a curious one considering people seem to really like Turtle Rock's new multiplayer zombie shooter. Our Back 4 Blood review-in-progress calls it "the strongest frontrunner in a zombie genre that's been struggling to reestablish itself since Turtle Rock's departure from Valve," and our friends at PC Gamer are enjoying their time with the game as well. Regardless, whatever's going on with KFC Gaming and Turtle Rock, it sure doesn't seem like the studio needs anyone's help defending itself.

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