Babies and zombies

Ah, zombies. Just what can you do with them? If the end of Shaun Of The Dead is to be believed, pretty much anything.

That’s a feeling shared by the creators of Fido, which has been making audiences chuckle since arriving at the Toronto Film Festival. It’s the tale of a charming small American town called Willard, which, like the rest of the world, suffered a terrifying zombie outbreak when the planet passed through some space dust. But after a long war, a company called ZomCon emerged, which defeated and found a way to control the undead. Now, they do the manual work around Willard – even delivering the post.

But young Timmy (K'Sun Ray) doesn’t believe things are so happy in the quaint suburban locale. Even when his mother (Carrie-Anne Moss) buys a zombie as a servant that Timmy befriends and calls Fido, he suspects that ZomCon might not be as in control as it claims. And then Fido decides to meet the neighbours. Or is that make the neighbours into meat…?

Head here for the trailer.

Also arriving today is the new comedy from Will “Arrested Development” Arnett and Will “Saturday Night Live” Forte, The Brothers Solomon. It’s directed by comedy legend Bob “Mr Show” Odenkirk, and based on the box office for his last film (Let’s Go To Prison), it’ll only be seen by the cast members’ families.

Still, with those names attached, it should be funny – following two home schooled dolt brothers as they try to get a lady pregnant so their ailing father can have grandkids – so let’s hope it actually makes it to these shores…

Check out the trailer here .

Source: ( Apple Trailers )

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