Awww. Babysitting Mama baby thing is actually kind of cute

Babies are like actual people, only smaller and not as smart. They can also be totally awwwwdorable, especially when they've been designed to look like a cutesy caricature of an actual baby and made into a cuddly, completely non-shitting accessory for upcoming Wii game, Babysitting Mama. How could you not love this ickle-wickle bambino bumpkins:

Isn't it just the most irresistible nappy-wearing midget human Wii accessory that you've ever seen? All you have to do is pop the Wii-mote into the little rug rat's back and away you go - it's interactive cuddle time. Gender stereotyping has never been so forgivable.

Personally, I'm still counting the days until I can get my hands on the WiiWaa...

Source: Joystiq

August 31, 2010