Avengers game cross platform crossplay: can you play between PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC

Marvel's Avengers
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If you're looking for information on whether the Avengers game has cross platform or crossplay. Or whether you can play with people across PS5, PS4, XBox and PC, then we can tell you what's going on. The news is not good though, so don't get your hopes up. 

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Is there Avengers game crossplay on PS5, PS4, XBox and PC? 

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Unfortunately, as stated by the official support page since launch, "Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t support crossplay at this time", in reference to being able to play with other platforms. So you can cancel all those dreams of Avengers game crossplay cross platforms for the time being. It was a similar message during the beta, with a FAQ  stating a similar blunt no. 

And, unfortunately, while the "at this time" message might sound hopeful it's unlikely that the feature will ever arrive. The developer has consistently stuck to the message that it will be a long way off if it ever happens because of technical issues. And, a year after launch, it doesn't feel like something that's being prioritized. With the game under-performing since release, and still no sign of the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man DLC, crossplay feels like a distance possibility. It doesn't help that the still absent Spidey character DLC is often pointed at as a reason against crossplay ever being a thing - what happens if a PS5 player's using Spider-Man in an Xbox owners game?    

There is at least crossgen crossplay across PlayStation and Xbox, with last and current gen consoles being able to play together. That will go someway to keeping the player count up and making sure would be heroes can find some random people to take on a game with. But obviously it's no where near the kind of player pool you'd get with full Avengers game cross platform crossplay. However, before we ever see that developer Crystal Dynamic would have to really improve the game's fortunes significantly. Improving the game overall is the currently priority and until that's ticked off things like crossplay will stay way down the list. 

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