Avengers assemble!

Don’t count on being able to walk up to a cinema box office and buy a ticket for Marvel’s planned Avengers movie next year. Or in 2008. Or… Look, let’s face it, at the rate the company is moving on this project, you’ll likely end up having it beamed to the iThink chip implanted in your brain and played in full You-Are-There-Vision.

But the company definitely has it on the schedule – it’ll just have to wait until after the likes of Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk remake have had their turn.

X-Men: The Last Stand co-writer Zak Penn is hard at work on the tale, though Marvel is keeping quiet about which of the regular Avengers team will be showing up in the film. The original line-up was Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man and Hulk, with Captain America and a load of others joining later.

And the movie will have to wait until several of the featured members have had their own personal moment in the limelight – alongside Iron Man and the Hulk, Ant Man, Thor and Captain America all have films in the works.

So start saving for those implants!

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