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Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 reconstruction guide


Once the storyline allows you to, find Juju in the Refuge Camp on the Bionis’ Leg and tell him to move to Colony 6. Just make sure to wrap up any Refuge Camp side quests you want to before doing so, as they will disappear once the refugees leave. Once Juju is at Colony 6, talk to him to learn about this whole process.

There are four areas of Colony 6 - all of which can be built up to level 5 - that need reconstructing, each requiring specific items in the forms of monster drops and collectibles. There are some important things to know before you get started:

- Many of the items and collectibles needed for the highest levels of reconstruction require you to be extremely strong (~ lv70) and have access to the game’s final dungeon, meaning Colony 6 cannot be completed until you’ve nearly finished the main game.

- It is possible to trade or over-trade with specific NPCs around the world for some of the items, but the area affinity requirements are usually extremely high (around 3-5 stars). As such, we’ve only mentioned a trading alternative when it is actually feasible.

- There are certain collectibles needed for reconstruction specific to areas that become inaccessible late in the game. However, all is not lost if you forget to grab them; leveling up Colony 6’s Special portion allows random collectibles to spawn inside Colony 6, and a lv5 Special portion will produce every possible collectible - though the specific items drops are random and you should only rely on this as a last resort.

These are the aforementioned collectibles that can be locked out:

- Art Core Coils from Galahad Fortress and Red Frontiers from Sword Valley. Make sure to get two of each before fighting the final boss of Mechonis Field. Also make sure to get 2 Azure Hollyhocks from Mechonis Field before finishing the Agniratha area, for the field will be locked out after this.

- Make sure to get 2 Lewisia Silvers and 3 Blue Light Amps from Agniratha, as well as 2 Angel Engine Xs and 2 Black Styrines from the Central Factory before finishing those areas.


Each time you max out one portion of the colony, you earn an item as a reward. Bump all portions up one level, and you’ll also get a reward each time. Here is the list of rewards:

Housing to lv5: Oriental Glasses (Unique with Initial Tension III gem, 100 phys def, 110 ether def)

Commerce to lv5: Titan Arms (Heavy unique with Pierce Resist V gem, 150 phys def, 90 ether def)

Nature built to lv5: EXP Up IV gem

Special built to lv5: Master Glasses (Unique with Ether Up VI gem, 120 phys def, 135 ether def)

Colony to lv1: Ultra-compact reactor (for mobile gem crafting)

Colony to lv2: EXP Up III gem

Colony to lv3: Topple Up IV gem

Colony to lv4: Debuff Resist V gem

Colony to lv5: Titan Plate (Heavy unique with Damage Heal V gem, 230 phys def, 155 ether def)